Vortek - Montblanc Series

The mountains before the 18th century were considered arcane places, full of dangers, inhabited by monstrous creatures, where huge white dragons (i.e. glaciers) descended from the heights to haul away and devour those who wished to violate their territory. The conquest of Mont Blanc in 1786 marks the beginning of a different approach to the mountains, still an unknown place yet to be explored — the birth of Alpinism.

A different approach is also necessary when bike packing the Tour du Mont Blanc (TMB), one of the most popular long-distance circular treks in Europe. The urge to pedal must meld with the attitude of the mountains and to all that it involves. The Tour du Mont Blanc is an alpine voyage that fills the heart and empties the lungs. For a detailed description of the route, click the Trail Notes tab below.