Vortek - El Camino Series

Until very recently my story was similar to that of most people who set out on a journey. I was living in a big city for some time, working in a frantic industry with long hours and a very erratic lifestyle. I allowed my personal life to falter and stagnate. I needed a change of pace; time enough to re-discover my goals, my relationships, and myself. So I came to my grandparents’ farm in Portugal one autumn to spend some time with them and help out with the harvest. After a few weeks, life certainly slowed down and I enjoyed the days of simple labor out in the fields or under the orchards. Yet I still felt that there were many personal questions unanswered. I had heard about the pilgrimage people make to Santiago de Compostela and decided that a few weeks on the road would be a perfect opportunity to reconnect with myself once more. The thought of using a bicycle came to mind, thinking that it would offer more freedom to explore the land than my two feet alone could provide.